SouthWest Metal Fab

Data Racks

SW Metal Fabrication is proud to announce its new product line of data server enclosure racks in a variety of dimensions and features.  We offer removable doors and sides, or just a rack without skins. Some optional features include locking doors, locking casters, reinforced shelves, as well as power supply and air filtration options.   In addition to an abundance of options, we can work with you and your clients in customizing your rack, to fit any additional requirements and tastes.  We believe that our commitment to excellence, strong customer service and competitive pricing will provide a positive customer experience.   
Below are pictures of a Data Server Cart that was constructed from  3/16" Aluminum, that can safely transport 7 servers and has a table top tray with easy grip handles welded onto front and back. Each rack has a back bracket and the front includes a removable safety bar. This design uses sleek 3" swivel and locking wheels, which makes this cart glide on asphalt as well tile surfaces.